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Click on the image for a larger view! The colours of the Vacumatic Parker 51’s and the Aerometric Parker 51’s. The Parker “51” took eleven years to develope but Parker sold over 20 million pens during more than 30 years! Parker spent the same amount in dollars to promote the pen, but in reached million dollars in sales. A pretty good investment, eh? It was named the Parker “51” because Parker felt that they needed a name that wouldn’t be hard to pronounce in any country and also easy to remember. Also at this time Route 51 was built through Janesville and it is quite probable that this also was a reason for the the name. Furthermore It also came out of research in , the 51’st anniversary for the Parker Pen Company. The Parker “51” Mark II is probably the most functional fountain pen ever made.

The Complete History of the Parker Pen Company

They can be easily distinguished from later production by several unique characteristics. All pens of this period are double jewels, meaning that they have a decorative “jewel” at the top of the cap and at the end of the barrel. The imprint on the majority of these pens is at the end of the barrel, near the decorative “jewel”, all in one line.

You see this a lot in Waterman, Eversharp, and even Parker (later vacumatic arrow nibs in a duofold for example). So while technically ok, and surely the pen writes well, not correct. If you’re a writer and not a collector, then who cares.

It is, of course, made from 14K gold, which was the standard for that day. The s Duofold pens carried over the button filler mechanism that was used in the Jackknife Safety pen and other predecessors of the Duofold. Pushing in the button would cause a thin metal strip to bow towards the center of the barrel causing the ink sac to compress. Releasing the button while the nib was immersed in ink caused the ink sac to fill.

The imprint on the barrel is somewhat worn, but it is clearly legible. The imprint reads George S. The clip was large and gold-filled. Summary The —29 Parker Duofold Senior was one of the most prestigious and expensive pens of its time. It was meant to reflect the importance of the user and to make a statement. The large size and the amount of gold in the nib was meant to impress people. This was the kind of pen that was used to sign a bill into law, or, for lesser mortals, sign a mortgage contract.

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Blue Diamond – discontinued Blind cap: Non jeweled – discontinued Date: It is a medium cigar shaped pen, but the top of the cap is flatter than the rounded off blind cap.

The Parker Vacumatic service manual calls for it. It’s the only way to get a diaphragm to seat properly in the pen. Our Vacumatic lubricant is water based and water soluble.

It not only requires experience but also rare technical competence in areas as diverse as mechanical design engineering, prototyping, and testing. The pen uses dry ink tablets that are activated by adding water. In this year, Russell Parker also joins the company. Soon afterwards, Duofold becomes world famous with the ‘Big Red’ for its new bright orange colour and year guarantee.

After three years and experiments, a quick-drying ink ‘Quink’ formula arrives. This is the first pen-cleaning ink that dries fast on paper and needs no blotter. The innovative pen holds more than twice as much ink compared to pens of its time and has a visbible ink reservoir. Inspired by Kenneth Parker’s passion for aircraft aerodynamics, it appears ‘Like a pen from another planet’.

It won the Academy Award for Best Design and is probably one of the best pens of the 20th century.

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History[ edit ] Early prototypes of reservoir pens[ edit ] An early historical mention of what appears to be a reservoir pen dates back to the 10th century. According to Al-Qadi al-Nu’man d. Leonardo’s journals contain drawings with cross-sections of what appears to be a reservoir pen that works by both gravity and capillary action. Historians also took note of the fact that the handwriting in the inventor’s surviving journals is of a consistent contrast throughout, rather than the characteristic fading pattern typical of a quill pen caused by expending and re-dipping.

While no physical item survives, several working models were reconstructed in by artist Amerigo Bombara that have since been put on display in museums dedicated to Leonardo.

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As discussed many times in the past, Parker 51s are very popular among fountain pen collectors and the double jewel versions are highly sought after. They do have a bit more gold and look a bit more substantial, and do often have more ornate caps. The primary reason is their relative scarcity. Within the Double Jewel models, the first year models are the most collectible as they are even more rare.

Double Jewels were produced during the entire run of Vacumatic Fill 51s, from through The first year models were different in many ways, and I will cover them later. Below is the exploded view of the pen. You can tell that it suffered from years of neglect due to the dirty nib, collector, and very bad cap.

Vintage Fountain Pens

By the Company had become so successful it was manufacturing gold nibs for other manufacturers. Having recruited a German Technician in the early ‘s the Company also began manufacturing Pencils During its production, lasting until the mid ‘s the Company used a great variety of Plastic and Hard Rubber Materials making pens of extremely High Quality , even experimenting with real leather coverings Rare Early Wyvern no.

This beautiful pen is in absolute MINT condition. Rare to find in this condition. Fitted with a super smooth 14kt gold Conway Stewart medium tipped nib.

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Although not marked, believe this is a 14K cap band. Light Vertical line chasing. No Duofold imprint just Parker trademark. Badly dis-colored, but fantastic 18K Canada nib with some flex. Long with Streamline Model Barrel imprint. Nib – Parker Duofold Pen.

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It is time for another pencil post to break up the fountain pen stuff…though they are all related. These pencils were sold to match the corresponding Vacumatic 51 in both barrel color and cap design. Here is the photo of the pencil before I had a chance to clean and polish it. The twist mechanism works perfectly and the eraser and lead supply are full.

I polished the lead cone and cap with a jewelers cloth. I then polished the barrel with scratch remover, finishing polish, and buffed on a coat of carnuba wax.

The Vacumatic was originally known as the Golden Arrow which referenced the new design of the arrow on the clip (the creator of which was Joseph Platt); still part of Parker’s iconic branding to this day.

A Vacumatic with Duofold cap? I bought this pen a few years ago both because of its strangeness and because it is actually quite lovely and was cheap. I have always wondered if it could be an original Parker creation instead of an interesting frankenpen. I know that Parker sometimes assembled vacs by mixing parts from old and new stock, but doing so across models seems on the face of it unlikely. I’d appreciate any thoughts you have about this pen, if you have the time if you don’t, I won’t bug you for a reply!

Go prove a pen company couldn’t have done something at some time for some reason: The simple answer is that the pen indeed is a mix, though one possibly NOT involving a Duofold, proper, cap. It is known that Parker and others manufactured items unknown to any catalogue today in our possession. It is known that Parker- if we can believe those date code markings- issued some pens, perhaps consuming leftover parts or marking replacement barrels at time of use- at dates far later than catalogues lead us to believe.

A Mandarin Duofold Sr.

Parker 51 Aerometric

Model identification guide under construction iterary hundreds of different Vacumatic models exist. This Model Identification guide is in no way a complete recapitulation of all these models. Dating is rather simple, since most Vacs have a date code engraved on the body. You’ll find it to the right of the imprint: The first date codes emerged in , but lacking a date code doesn’t necessarily mean that the pen was made pre , since many imprints have been worn off.

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Vintage pen sales: Parker, Conklin, Watermans and more..

Jump to summary chart For those of us concerned with when a pen was made, Parker is the sweetest of all makers, in that many of their pen actually have a date printed right on them. Not only the year, but which quarter of the year, will appear, giving a very clear sense of just how old the pen is. While modern Parkers that follow this practice mark only the barrel or cap of the pen, vintage pens generally have a code on the barrel and on the point.

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Vintage Black Parker Vacumatic