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Features[ edit ] Features of the voiceless retroflex fricative: Its manner of articulation is sibilant fricative , which means it is generally produced by channeling air flow along a groove in the back of the tongue up to the place of articulation, at which point it is focused against the sharp edge of the nearly clenched teeth, causing high-frequency turbulence. Its place of articulation is retroflex , which prototypically means it is articulated subapical with the tip of the tongue curled up , but more generally, it means that it is postalveolar without being palatalized. That is, besides the prototypical subapical articulation, the tongue contact can be apical pointed or laminal flat. Its phonation is voiceless, which means it is produced without vibrations of the vocal cords. In some languages the vocal cords are actively separated, so it is always voiceless; in others the cords are lax, so that it may take on the voicing of adjacent sounds. It is an oral consonant , which means air is allowed to escape through the mouth only.

Hookup meaning in Hindi

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Meaning and definitions of hooked, translation in Marathi language for hooked with similar and opposite words. Also find spoken pronunciation of hooked in Marathi and in English language.

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Meaning and definitions of hook, translation in Marathi language for hook with similar and opposite words. Also find spoken pronunciation of hook in Marathi and in English language.

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Example: Hook Up The Houses To The Gas Supply Line This page is about Hindi Meaning of Hook Up to answer the question, “What is the Meaning of Hook Up in Hindi (Hook Up .

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More – marathi meanings behind the meaning of muddy or hook in hindi meaning in hindi: the paper number Explanation of hook up ka matalab hindi, hindi spiritual meaning of .

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Another variant is “Khanderao”, where the suffix “rao” king is used. The name “Mallari” or “Malhari” is split as “Malla” and “ari” enemy , thus meaning “enemy of the demon Malla”. Malhari Mahatmya records Martanda Bhairava, pleased with the bravery of Malla, takes the name “Mallari” the enemy of Malla. In a popular oleograph representation of Khandoba, [4] Mhalsa is seated in front of Khandoba on his white horse. Mhalsa is piercing a demon’s chest with a spear, while a dog is biting his thigh and the horse is hitting his head.

The other demon is grabbing the reins of the horse and attacking Khandoba with a club as Khandoba is dismounting the horse and attacking the demon with his sword. In other representations, Khandoba is seen seated on a horse with the heads of demons trod under the horse’s hooves or their heads under Khandoba’s knees. Khandoba’s images are often dressed as a Maratha Sardar , [6] or a Muslim pathan. Often, Khandoba is depicted as a warrior seated on horseback with one or both of his wives and accompanied with one or more dogs.

The principle written source of the legend is Malhari Mahatmya Mallari Mahatmya , which claims to be from the chapter Kshetra-kanda of the Sanskrit text Brahmanda Purana , but is not included in standard editions of the Purana. Dhere and Sontheimer suggests that the Sanskrit Mahatmya was composed around AD, mostly by a Deshastha Brahmin , to whom Khandoba is the family deity. Mani is seen worshipped as a red figure The legend tell of the demon Malla and his younger brother Mani, who had gained the boon of invincibility from Brahma , creating chaos on the earth and harassing the sages.

When the seven sages approached Shiva for protection after Indra and Vishnu confessed their incapability, Shiva assumed the form Avatar of Martanda Bhairava, as the Mahatmya calls Khandoba, riding the Nandi bull, leading an army of the gods.

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