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The Hills (Series)

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Posts about Lauren Conrad written by evilbeet. The Evil Beet. Do you think it is a coincidence that LC is dating the Prince of Malibu? The Hills‘ L.C. is officially dating Brody Jenner, the ex-boyfriend of her Laguna Beach nemesis, Kristin Cavallari.

She looked overly done which completely her shocked mother, Darlene. When confronted about whether Heidi’s mom thought she looked good, she said: I thought you were younger, I thought you were fresher-looking, I thought you were healthier. Her friends had also told her that Spencer was no good for her. Naturally, Lauren denied it and then went off on Audrina because she felt that a true friend would have trusted her. Supposedly, Conrad and Wahler made one, and things erupted at the Les Deux nightclub when Montag confronted Conrad and screamed the infamous line, You know what you did!

We told you there were some crazy moments that happened on The Hills. Bunney tried apologizing, but Conrad didn’t forgive her because she had allegedly broken girl code, which is to never put your moves on another woman’s man, especially if she’s your friend. But then drops the bombshell that he’s been dating a woman named Katja and that they’re engaged and about to move in together. The look on Conrad’s face was absolutely priceless. But in typical Pratt fashion, he didn’t listen and went ahead and did it anyway.

A year later, Pratt and Montag got married.

expaTV: Man she had the best looking heels I’ve ever seen

Promotion to Detective, third grade in Imitation in Death Although her first name is Delia, she is referred to by her surname ‘Peabody’ throughout the books, as is standard for other police officers. Peabody comes from a family of “Free-Agers”, which is a fictional extension of the New Age movement from the s. Her family is very peaceful and pacifistic, but Delia prefers exercising justice her way – the police way. She is a very responsible and sober police officer, but as the books continue, her personality relaxes and she is more confident in her cases and in teasing Eve, particularly about her sex life with McNab and her sexual fantasies.

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You get all of the perks, the fame- oh, and the cash! But unfortunately, the chances of getting your hands on a celeb are pretty slim. Think about it, how many celebrities can you think of that are dating each other? Practically all of them, but there are also a decent amount who shacked up with normal people like you and me. Christian Bale and wife, Sibi Blazic. Despite being one of the biggest movie stars in the world, Bale has managed to keep his personal and family life pretty low key. Aaron Paul and wife, Lauren Parsekian.

Anne Hathaway and husband, Adam Shulman. Anne Hathaway has had her fair share of dates with celebrity boy toys in the past, but she settled down with Adam Shulman. Adam is a scruffy blonde New York native who graduated from Brown University. They got married only one year after dating.

The Hills Moments That’ll Make You Want To Watch The Show All Over Again

Consequentially, Port was offered and accepted the position in Conrad’s place. Montag and Pratt became engaged, while Patridge resumed a turbulent romantic relationship with her friend Justin “Justin Bobby” Brescia. However, she later apologized to Conrad for an earlier confrontation, and the pair became friends.

In an attempt to change her mind, Pratt called Conrad and apologized for spreading the rumors. Afterwards, the women developed a feud that continued through the remainder of the season.

Brody Jenner Net Worth is $6 Million. Brody Jenner is an American television personality, he has a net worth of $6 million. Brody Jenner has earned his net worth as reality television star, appearing on shows such as The Princes of Malibu with his so.

Ashley Hamilton is Brody Jenner in 10 years. He has a reputation for being a douche, but I don’t see it. He got a motley crew of contestants, e. It wasn’t as bad as I thought it was gonna be. Brody was pretty cool and affable. The contestants were a riot. For the most part, they all got along. It’s funny, you put several women in a house and the knives are out; you put several men in the same situation and they’re best friends. Someone once told me, “Men like their friends,” implying that women are always suspicious of other women and won’t let their guard down.

Anyhoo, the only two players that caused drama were the gay guy and the token black guy.


Tensions Rising Audrina and Lauren go head-to-head over Justin Bobby after the swimwear designer accuses the lifestyle blogger of getting with him. Party All the Time Stephanie tries convincing Holly Montag to ease up on the liquor, but the hard-partying Colorado native brushes her off. Unfortunately, his graffiti-inspired remodel ignites yet another fight between the couple.

We watched year-old Lauren Conrad go through the highs and lows of high school dating, and we’re now watching her climb to the top as an entrepreneur. Most girls probably prayed that LC would end up with Brody Jenner or some other hot bad boy, but she ended up .

I buy all her clothes and still quote her daily. They revved us up with an all day marathon of the reality TV glory pre-Kardashian days. And then what they delivered was a one hour special with LC, her parents, her husband and a couple of producers…talking about her life. You done me good, MTV. Things That Are The Same: LC still rolls around Laguna in her black convertible, top down, blonde locks blowing in the ocean breeze.

Her parents also still live in a kickass house with an infinity pool that looks across the ocean. Left on the cutting room floor: Audrina is like, really pretty. Also this is pure bullshit because everyone knows Audrina auditioned to be in The Hills. Brody and LC have 0. Like a couple of seasoned actors, they played along with: I like your smile, no I like your smile!

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TV is known for its famous feuds, and as the 4. Things have been icy between the former roommates since last year when Heidi and her boyfriend Spencer Pratt reportedly leaked to the press that Lauren had made a sex tape. And in the next two weeks, it gets worse. The bad blood begins again as Heidi reaches out to Lauren’s roommate Audrina Patridge.

Posts about LC written by juliagiantomasi. Week of 3/27/ I took a self-imposed hiatus because Hollywood has been BORING AF lately.

A post shared by Avril Lavigne avrillavigne on Sep 19, at 3: Avril was, of course, married to Sum41 frontman Deryck Whibley, making them the Canadian king and queen of bad pop punk. But, alas, Deryck had to go and make things super complicated by being an alcoholic, and the two of them got In Too Deep, and broke up. Around this same time, Brodez was done banging chicks like LC and Kristin Cavallari and his Playboy playmate psycho girlfriend, Jayde , and decided to change things up a bit.

One time, Avril even wore a shirt that said music was her boyfriend. Still, they persisted, and for awhile it almost seemed like they were going to make it. Clearly, he was serious about her. But eventually, the two of them sobered up a little, and broke up. It was a tale as old as time. SHE was a punk, HE did ballet — err, grew up in Malibu with a silver spoon in his mouth and did nothing but surf and party.

No amount of Urban Outfitters anarchy symbol t-shirts could change that.

Lauren Conrad & Brody Jenner