Solar disk[ edit ] The solar disk, crescent Moon and stars as shown on the Nebra sky disk c. The disk can be modified in various ways, notably by adding rays found in the Bronze Age in Egyptian depictions of Aten or a cross. In Ancient Near East, the solar disk could also be modified by addition of the Uraeus rearing cobra , and in Ancient Mesopotamia it was shown as winged. Bronze Age writing[ edit ] Egyptian hieroglyphs have a large inventory of solar symbolism because of the central position of solar deities Ra , Horus , Aten etc. The main ideogram for “Sun” was a representation of the solar disk, Gardiner N5 , with a variant including the Uraeus , N6. The “Sun” ideogram in early Chinese writing , beginning with the oracle bone script c. A diagram in Johannes Kamateros’ 12th century Compendium of Astrology shows the Sun represented by a circle with a ray. Sun heraldry , Mullet heraldry , Sunburst , and Sun of May Akhenaten worshipping Aten 14th century BC; drawing A circular disk with alternating triangular and wavy rays emanating from it is a frequent symbol or artistic depiction of the sun. Aten , Sol Invictus , Vergina Sun , Radiate crown , and Star and crescent The ancient Mesopotamian “star of Shamash ” could be represented with either eight wavy rays, or with four wavy and four triangular rays. The Vergina Sun appears in art variously with sixteen, twelve, or eight triangular rays.

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Most newspapers publish daily or weekly horoscopes along with the start and end dates of each of the twelve signs of the Zodiac, so we can approximate which sign we were born under. The Rising Sign, the Ascendant, the doorway to your chart… what is it, why is it and what difference does it make? The Sign rising over the horizon at the time of your birth is called the Ascendant, or Rising Sign.

This sign, the first house of the horoscope, changes approximately every two hours. Even twins born as little as five minutes apart could have different ascendants, which would make a real difference in their horoscopes and so in their personalities. The Rising Sign governs your outer personality, disposition and physical attributes, most notably your appearance, bearing and general outlook on life.

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Sun-Moon Compatibility About the use of gender in these posts: Although “she” is used for the Moon and “he” is used for the Sun, these pronouns are only used for convenience. You can look at a man’s Moon and a woman’s Sun, or the Moon and Sun placements for the partners in a same-sex couple.

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Your Zodiac sign corresponds to the position of the sun relative to constellations as they appeared more 2, years ago! The science behind astrology may have its roots in astronomy but don’t confuse these two disciplines. Astronomy can explain the position of the stars in the sky but it’s up to you to determine what, if anything, their alignment signifies. In short, as you’ll see below, your Zodiac sign is not what you think it is, and your corresponding horoscope can’t be right.

Wobbly Earth Means Your Horoscope Is Wrong ] The constellations of the Zodiac The ecliptic, or the path of the sun as it’s perceived from the revolving Earth, passes through the constellations that formed the Zodiac: Astrologers skip a 13th constellation that also resides on the ecliptic: Babylonian astrologers, and later the Greeks, originally determined Zodiac signs by which constellation the sun was “in” on the day you were born.

Early astronomers observed the sun traveling through the signs of the Zodiac in the course of one year, spending about a month in each. Thus, they calculated that each constellation extends 30 degrees across the ecliptic. Ancient astrologers grouped the 12 signs according to the classical elements. The elements represent certain personality traits and are used in conjunction with the star signs, as well as with the position of the sun, moon and known planets at the time, to determine a horoscope, according to Astro.

Fire — Aries, Sagittarius, Leo spontaneous and impulsive Water — Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces imaginative and emotional Air — Libra, Aquarius, Gemini quick and animated, tendency to intellectualize feelings Earth — Capricorn, Taurus, Virgo quiet and slow reactions, slow to change emotionally However, a phenomenon called precession has altered the position of the constellations we see today and has resulted in a shift of the zodiac constellations. Precession and astrology The first day of spring in the Northern Hemisphere was once marked by the zero point of the Zodiac.

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Exposed to the sun and weather over time, the colors will fade and the retroreflective qualities of the sign sheeting will deteriorate to such an extent that the sign will no longer be readable, both day and night, at a distance needed by the driver.

Interpretation as solar symbol[ edit ] Questenbaum Queste Tree in Questenberg , an ancient pagan sun wheel The interpretation of the simple equilateral cross as a solar symbol in Bronze Age religion was widespread in 19th-century scholarship. The cross-in-a-circle was interpreted as a solar symbol derived from the interpretation of the disc of the Sun as the wheel of the chariot of the Sun god.

The German term Sonnenkreuz was used in 19th-century scholarly literature of any cross symbol interpreted as a solar symbol, an equilateral cross either with or without a circle, or an oblique cross Saint Andrew’s cross. Sonnenkreuz was used of the flag design of the Paneuropean Union in the s. It has often been claimed that Patrick combined the symbol of Christianity with the sun cross to give pagan followers an idea of the importance of the cross.

By linking it with the idea of the life-giving properties of the sun, these two ideas were linked to appeal to pagans. Other interpretations claim that placing the cross on top of the circle represents Christ’s supremacy over the pagan sun. The vertical bar represents North and South while the horizontal bar is East and West. There is a 31 degree saltire that is also associated with this symbol. When laid over the cross it represents the solstices and equinoxes with precision.

This configuration is an ideogram reflected through many cultures and extends far back into antiquity. Henges are a testament that there was an ancient understanding of the Sun’s behavior in the sky and that it was measurable, predictable and center to their continued existence on Earth. The original Coptic cross often includes a circle that is derived from the ankh, as the circles represent the sun god, Ra.

Early Gnostic sects also used a circle cross.

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Your sun sign is determined on the basis of your date of birth. There are twelve zodiac signs you can see below. To know yours or someone else’s personality description of zodiac sign just choose the sun sign .

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If Scorpio is your “Rising Sign” aka “Ascendant”. Your Rising Sign is the sign that rules your 1st House cusp. If I wrote your chart, there is a graphic at the beginning of this Natal Chart that will show you where your Ascendant is located. Because Scorpio is on your 1st House cusp, you would take on the nature, characteristics and tendencies of Scorpio in this particular house. Click on the following link to read the Scorpio horoscope, rulerships, characteristics and tendencies.

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