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We will have a show stand in the Main Hall near the Main entrance. If you have any queries regarding engine rebuilds and Classic bike restoration services then please feel free to call at the stand. We will also have a selection of our special parts on display and for sale. We did lots of work on the engine, gearbox, wheels and paintwork. The bike sounded terrific on the open exhaust pipes. The shop has been reorganised to be easier to use and now offers a search function and ‘Deal of the Month’. More and more products are being add to the shop every week. We know that part of the fun of owning a classic bike is the little and sometimes not so little jobs that need to be done and Rick has lots of good hints and tips, but if need be we are always on hand to provide a professional, reliable service to get the job done. Ian Johnston has done a really nice job on rebuilding these two very different bikes with a little help from SRM. Looking forward to seeing them out on the road.

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September 22, at New mudguards have been purchased which are to be sprayed but can anyone help in advising the dimension from the edge of the mudguard to the coach line and also the width of the coach line? I am also in need of a swing arm part No. The one on the machine is shorter than the original. It is suggested that the early models had this yolk end.

Dating Service. Please note that this is a UK service only. DVLA cannot approve overseas motorcycles. There are two sections: In both sections there are requirements for vehicle identification. Please ensure that images of any vehicle or other identification code is CLEAR. For frame numbers, heavy paint or powder coating may have to be removed.

With an inventory of British Motorcycles as large as ours the displays in the five halls that make up the National Motorcycle Museum and constantly evolving and changing. On the special exhibits page you will find the latest news on our latest, temporary, exhibits. However our mainly alphabetical listings are designed to whet your appetite as regards just how special a place The National Motorcycle Museum really is.

The team exists to showcase some of the museum’s competition inventory as it was originally intended to be used – back on track! For full details and some great video footage see the main Team National Motorcycle Museum page. Close Latest Acquisitions During any given year any number of new machines will go on display within the five large halls that make up the National Motorcycle Museum.

On this page you will find regular updates about which machines have just come into the collection. Our friendly and knowledgeable staff are here to make your visit informative as well as enjoyable.

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A friendly organisation which welcomes all enthusiasts of the marque, be they riders of old Royal Enfields or new ones, or specials built around a Royal Enfield bike. Heaps of facilities for members: Offers ‘Yowl’ magazine bi-monthly plus a spares scheme, library, photo archives, technical info, machine register and dating, badges, transfers, decals and such.

VMCC Membership Survey Report March Alastair Alexander, President-Elect and Area Rep. for Scotland Library services (29%), and the machine history and dating service (29%) featuring in responses. The Club’s video library was recorded as important by 5% of respondents.

Aged 16 Peter bought a 10 year old Honda Express moped, secured his CBT and took to the roads riding to and from the Saturday job plus visiting family and friends. A year later the Express gave way to a Honda CG and he passed his motorcycle driving test on the second attempt. Suddenly the Honda was too slow and along came a late secondhand Kawasaki EL , which served on the daily commute to his job as a chef in a nearby hotel.

Buying a part rebuilt Kreidler Florett 50cc from the estate of the late Brian Woolley fired his restoration bug. Later scrimping and saving enabled him to acquire a handful of other machines including a sporting BSA single, the Norton 16H and a veteran Campion in varying states of dismantle, and in the case of the Norton riddled with rust. Initially dealing in parts for any older machines and the occasional cheap project, after a few years he decided to restrict his business interests to pre machines with a focus on all pre WWII motorcycles.

A chance discussion with Australian friend Chas led to Peter marketing replica inverted handlebar levers in polished stainless steel. The range now stocked has grown to include replicas of Bowden clutch levers, Best and Lloyd filler caps, Philipson Pullies, Mabon Clutches and more. Alongside this control cable making materials, moulded magneto and dynamo parts, fibre washers, rollers, loose ball bearings, rubbers and more is stocked to assist owners of veteran, vintage and older classic motorcycles and the list is continually growing.

In with support from his friends in Australia Peter began stocking replica parts for Pilgrim oil pumps. Again the list regularly grows, recent additions include plunger, indent and ball valve springs made to original specification in the UK. Using the 3D photocopying process a pattern was made of the body of an original Model W pump.

From this replica bodies are cast using the lost wax process.


Intelligibility has been dramatically improved, and their low profile design integrated nicely with the building’s architecture. It is difficult to imagine how a conventional loudspeaker could have delivered this type of performance. Flight announcements are clear, and passengers have the assurance that they can understand the message despite the background noise.

Vintage Motor Cycle Club (VMCC), Burton-upon-Trent, United Kingdom. 53K likes. THE VMCC FB SITE/5(21).

BMW frame and engine numbers on Phil Hawksleys website. Plus loads of other BMW info. If the bike is known to the DVLA, then just apply for a duplicate registration document. Failing that, it is possible to recover the original registration number under the V scheme, details of which can be had from the VMCC Library. Briefly you would need some piece of paperwork to support an application to retain the original number for your machine.

Something like the old Log Book or an old tax disc would be ideal. Another option is a certified copy of the original record from the original registering authority. To find the name of the original registration authority and where it’s archive now is, needs a bit of detective work. Note that not all registration authority records have been saved in an archive, so you may be unlucky. Firstly you need to determine the authority that originally issued your registration number, that you can find here in this PDF file.

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Here’s a gadget that all bikers ought to have. We haven’t tested it yet , and the press release didn’t specify if it’s new. But what the hell? It’s worth a second airing even if it’s been around the block. This device is 91mm long, and weighs 85 grams and is waterproof to 20 metres. So if you accidentally ride your bike into the canal, your loved ones will be sure to catch your last gasps.

Search for Catalogues. Infomation» Main VMCC Site Library» The Archive» Books» Magazines» Other» Programmes» Drawings» Catalogues FOLLOW US ON TWITTER @vmccuk.

I really want to try and keep the links limited to classic bikes as that is what we are all here for. General Classic Bike Links: Reproduction literature, memorabilia and other classic bike stuff http: You MUST check this site out! Includes animations showing the workings of all types of internal combustion and steam engines. Give it a try! Info on the Birmingham factories and lots more. Learn stuff you never knew before! Really worth a visit.

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Aged 16 Peter bought a 10 year old Honda Express moped, secured his CBT and took to the roads riding to and from the Saturday job plus visiting family and friends. A year later the Express gave way to a Honda CG and he passed his motorcycle driving test on the second attempt. Suddenly the Honda was too slow and along came a late secondhand Kawasaki EL , which served on the daily commute to his job as a chef in a nearby hotel.

VMCC Your online shop for vintage and classic motorcycle parts and accessories. BSA, Triumph, AJS, Norton etc.

Spare some change for the BNP? Let it not be said that here at Sump we’re afraid to tackle a little controversy. In fact, we love it, especially when it comes from the British National Party; the party that everyone loves to hate—or is that hates to love? To that end, we’ve just received a press release from BNP chairman Nick Griffin complete with an attached begging bowl seeking funds.

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Just check out the rhetoric: Think of the shame of the Establishment, who have ignored this systematic abuse of our innocent children and even tried to jail me for speaking out about it in two gruelling trials in Leeds Crown Court in Except that our recollection of those riots revealed an awful lot of white faces mixed up in the melee.

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This time; common faults and all-round advice Ian Mitchell was so inspired he bought the scrambler version. And then immediately started modifying it

Vintage Motor Cycle Club (VMCC) Sp S on S so S red S · November 5, · The DVLA will not accept general dating certificates as evidence to amend or to update the date of manufacture. David Davies Editor “The Vintage Motorcycle”. English (US) Español; Français (France) 中文(简体).

We don’t have a Chief Executive!!! I am now waiting for someone? I called them and asked to speak to someone regarding the DVLA. They said they would find out who and this person would call me back. Anyroadup, she said she would look into it and call me back. She did later that day shock! She had spoken to the VMCC and she thinks there may be a way forward, but she needed to speak to a colleague who is out of the office until Monday.

Lets see what happens there.

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This time; common faults and all-round advice Ian Mitchell was so inspired he bought the scrambler version. And then immediately started modifying it This time; an intro, and engines Skyteam ACE We admit it. When Dave Morris told us he was buying a Chinese classic-a-like, we couldn’t resist a tiny little bit of sneering.

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OOT may now export commodities to Libya, so long as all of the following requirements are met: The commodities are exported in compliance with the controls listed in the BIS Commerce Control list. These items are imported into Nigeria pursuant to import licenses obtained by the importer. Nigerian importers are encouraged to contact SON to obtain a regulatory confirmation that the oil and gas exploration equipment, tools, supplies, and spares that they import into Nigeria are not subject to SONCAP.

Congress overwhelmingly approved new sanctions against certain Russian entities on July 28, , and President Trump signed the bill on August 2, so it has now been enacted. These revised sanctions principally impact operations in deepwater, arctic offshore and shale projects for certain companies internationally and no longer just in the Russian Federation. Guidance for Core Lab companies has been posted on the company’s internal Law Department page. OCS will advise whether the export is allowable and whether an export license is required.

These sanctions invalidate “NLR” exports of the following commodities:

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Barleycorn Engineering swan neck clip ons Seeing as I’ve now put plenty of time and alas money in to my Gold Star I thought I might as well make it comfortable to ride too. The standard clip on position just doesn’t suit me: I get on well with rear sets and flat bars but the Taylor Dow top yoke has no provision for regular handlebar clamps. A further bind with the Dow top yoke is that it comes with a different headlight bracket that pushes the clip ons further down the stanchions.

Vmcc dating service archive s for use vintage motorcycle clubs of the vmcc archive and triumph motorcycle factory records machine dating y vmcc dating service s have free and unlimited access during.

You are almost certainly going to need both, so you may as well get them ready before you start. You will probably also need some new fibre washers which fit between the tap assembly and the tank itself to make sure no petrol leaks out here either. Before fitting the new corks to my taps I did a quick measure up for future reference. Each cork seal was about 6.

The outside diameter was These measurements are with the cork fully dried out, as delivered from AMC Spares. When soaked in petrol they should hopefully! The new cork seals before installation None of these dimensions are probably too critical so long as they are in the right ball park as the corks will get squashed expanding the outer diameter and reducing the thickness when they are installed.

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