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Well my, my the oldest scam in the book has moved itself to the personals. I was able to experience this firsthand. I recently put my profile up on Yahoo Personals and I had a few people who contacted me. One person sent me his email and I emailed him at r. He said he had a daughter and was widowed. That is weird, my hackles were up and I was highly suspicious. Note to all women, that is so Nigerian scammer lingo. In all their scammy emails you won the lotto, bank fake email in dire need, I am a solicitor…etc.. I sent him a curt and very short reply back asking for more details like where he lived and what did he do for a living and why did he take his profile down in only 2 days, and OMG, check out the phony idiotic email that came back.

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Spicer walks back Trump’s wiretapping claims Namely, White House press secretary Sean Spicer said Trump wasn’t referring to wiretapping when he tweeted about wiretapping. Spicer also said that Trump was referring to the Obama administration broadly — and not accusing Obama of personal involvement — when he tweeted that “Obama had my ‘wires tapped’ in Trump Tower” and accused Obama of being a “bad” or “sick guy.

Just found out that Obama had my “wires tapped” in Trump Tower just before the victory. Trump realDonaldTrump March 4, Is it legal for a sitting President to be “wire tapping” a race for president prior to an election?

Baltimore-based jam quartet Pigeons Playing Ping Pong have announced the theme for the upcoming New Year’s Eve celebration. On December 31st, the band’s show at Stage AE in Pittsburg, PA is billed as a special “New Year’s StEve” performance, with the art indicating a full-on tribute to.

The lodge, a series of gables and overhanging porches stretching toward Lake Kora, is the centerpiece of Kill Kare, one of the most extravagant of the Adirondack “great camps. It’s the dancing black bear in the foreground. Kill Kare was a place of exotic entertainment, even by Adirondack standards. For a number of years the baseball teams of both Harvard and Yale were invited every August so guests could watch some games.

A gondola was imported from Venice for trips around the private lake, while spiritual needs were taken care of at the chapel, a replica of a Norman church. At Sagamore, the nearby camp of Alfred Vanderbilt, vacation meant competition. In winter, toboggans were roped to a team of horses that raced in circles around Sagamore Lake. The trophy went to the guest—Sagamore could house at a time—best able to hang on. Private rail cars, tuxedo dinners, dance floors over the water, fanciful boathouses full of the loveliest wooden motor launches ever built—it was all part of the scene in the Adirondacks from the turn of the century to the Depression.

Many of the largest of the camps are now conference centers, hotels, children’s camps, or simply gone; others quietly survive, no longer the center of attention. The story of the great camps, however, is just one episode, albeit the most baroque, in a long and colorful history of people at play in these woods. More than anyplace else, the Adirondacks is where America discovered that untamed places are not necessarily the enemy that early settlers perceived them to be.

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The bad boy of the culinary world is back. The parlor will basically feed any sugar rush with its frozen yogurts, sorbets, smoothies, milkshakes, chocolates, and ice cream cakes. Happy Cow Happy Cow Food intolerances are a pain, but the locally produced, plant-based ice creams at Happy Cow mean even the most allergy-plagued of us can indulge in sweet treats. Just as creamy as the milk-heavy originals but made from natural ingredients, ice creams here are dairy-free, gluten-free, low glycemic, and vegan.

Pick your poison from creative flavors like salted caramel swirl, chai tea, and lime and coconut.

Tips and tricks you didn’t know you could do with Google for on the go, at work and having fun.

Naijauncut will never contact you to demand money in order not to release your leak or secret. Naijauncut does not work with anybody who will contact you. Naijauncut does not contact people you will have to contact Naijauncut. If you are contacting Naijauncut, make sure its only the official number Below the Page OR With our email which is displayed up there on this website. Apart from this number, any other number that contacts you is scam.

Do not ignore this warning and complain that you can not download our videos. Try to share the post so that your friends too will get access. In doing so it will help us to be able to pay for the hosting fee so that we can always bring you hidden secrets and the bad deeds going on behind closed doors.

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This series will explore the security and business ramifications of the modern internet where you may be surprised by all the non-human visitors to your online services. The bot herder can offer services online ranging from launching DDoS attacks , brute force attacks, and all manner of online-ad fraud. As it turns out DDoS attacks have been around, arguably since with the invention of the Morris Worm.

The Morris Worm used a self-replicating feature which consumed plenty of system resources as it replicated. Although it was not designed as a DDoS attack, the general concept of exhausting system resources by consuming all available system ram, CPU power, disk space for logs and communications capability of the system established the early concepts of a DDoS cyber-attack. But, it was really not until that the character of a DDOS attack — especially one which targeted web servers — moved from its activist roots to become a tool of nation-state cyber warfare.

I recently came into possession of an Alvarez acoustic, serial. the Alvarez website only explains Yairi dating. If you can locate a serial number on the neck .

Shutterstock Images Small business owners are pretty aware these days that their computer networks are wide open to attacks from hackers. Unfortunately, they are far less aware that their phone systems are just as vulnerable too. As a New York Times article pointed out today, attacks for something called premium rate service fraud can cost small business owners hundreds of thousands of dollars. And unlike hack attacks where credit card or bank account information is targeted, an outdated regulatory landscape at the Federal Communications Commission puts small business owners on the hook for the fraudulent activity on their phone bills.

Hack attacks against small business phone networks–often called a private branch exchange, or PBX aren’t new, experts say, in fact they’ve been going on for at least 20 years. But they are increasing dramatically in number, and exponentially in dollar costs. Part of the reason the occurrence of telephone hacking has escalated so much in recent years is the explosion of voice over IP services. Small businesses tend to use these over the national carriers, because they are dramatically cheaper, says Jim Dalton, founder of TransNexus , a fraud software provider for VOIP, often costing up to 50 percent less.

TransNexus’ software looks for irregularities in calling patterns and sends out alerts or shuts down calling when fraud occurs.

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If you’re new here, you may want to subscribe to my RSS feed. The day before our dinner date, The Former Australian emails me: Are we on for tomorrow night? A few hours before our dinner date, The Former Australian emails again:

The “LAND attack” is a network attack dating from using IP address spoofing to exploit a flaw on some TCP/IP protocol implementations in systems. The name of this attack comes from the name given to the first distributed source code (called.

This could well be the fastest Method to make a woman fall in love with a man that ever discovered, bar none Even the leading gurus and “Pickup Artists” have no idea. I knew this only because I had stumbled upon this Method by accident. The key to winning a woman’s heart lies in controlling her mind Close to 10 years ago, sick of getting routinely dumped and completely wrecked emotionally with repeated rejections I went on a “do-or-die” mission to seek out the quickest, most effective way to seduce women ever known to humankind.

This was where forbidden knowledge on Mind Control was being shared freely behind iron walls closed to the outside world. Members of MKDELTA dissected insidious Mind Control techniques that put their victims into cult-like trance and turning them into emotional slaves, in body and in mind. I was, however, interested only in one very specific thing Unlimited power over women.

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It features clean code and simple, minimalistic approach to everything. Many behaviour classes are kept under lines of code. For a programmer this means a much easier time when it comes to working with the kit — from extending its functionality to tweaking the existing one.

time: nick: dismarkmi John elway and alcoholism Athlete Run-Ins: Smokin’ John Elway – Deadspin, Sports News. According to Ryan Van Bibber from Washington, D.C., Broncos legend John Elway is. though it had a few people wondering if Podsednik had a legitimate, serious alcohol.

This new phone combines a touch-screen interface with a slide-out version of Blackberry’s signature Qwerty keyboard. The Black Berry Torch and its new operating system is predicted to assist BlackBerry to retain, if not increase, its market share. According to technology pundits, this phone was launched to neutralise the Apple iPhone’s increasing popularity and the onslaught from other new generation smartphones. Although the combination of the touch screen and a physical keyboard gives us the best of both worlds, but some commentators are disappointed that it has a lower resolution screen.

Whilst the display is sufficiently clear for one to read text and view media but it is pale in comparison to high resolution screens on the iPhone and other smartphones such as the Samsung Vibrant. Further, its MHz processor feels relatively underpowered in contrast to the latest smartphones available. Having said all the above, I believe this phone will still be popular with existing BlackBerry users as they generally want a phone mainly for office use and are not the type to use their phone as a gaming or multimedia device for entertainment.

We, however, do not as yet know when this phone will be available here or how much it would sell for in Malaysia. Please post your comment.

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What a stunningly beautiful area with fantastic and unique, quality driven wines. Both Ribera and Rioja feature Tempranillo predominantly in most of their wines. Yet all of the Tempranillos tasted so differently.

Tech and Science topics: phones, computers, gadgets, and the Internet, astronomy & earth science, climate & weather, environment & green living and much more.

The death has triggered comparisons with a wave of suicides in and at Foxconn factories in China amid concerns over working conditions. CLW posted video footage that it said showed Mr Li, who the organisation claimed was was working for Foxconn through an agency, lying lifelessly on the ground after his leap. The footage, seemingly filmed from a nearby high-rise building, shows a body lying in the snowy ground, as four people stand nearby.

The organisation told The Telegraph that he had been working for Foxconn for two months and lived in factory dormitories. It’s a factory — but my gosh, they have restaurants and movie theatres But they’ve had some suicides and attempted suicides — and they have , people there. The rate is under what the US rate is, but it’s still troubling. In January a group of workers in a Foxconn factory in Wuhan, in the central Hubei province, protested against working conditions by standing on the roof of a factory building and threatening to commit suicide.

Apple Corps One Wuhan worker, who spoke on condition of anonymity, said that the protest was the result of around workers being moved to a new factory location where conditions were unbearable. About , workers reportedly work on production lines in the city to make iPhones at a rate of per minute.

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