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History has been wonderfully preserved and the serenity of nature is almost absolute. The only challenge is how to travel to Al Ain. This is a hidden destination, nestled in the desert beneath the dramatic mountains of the Hajjar. Dates and palms rise above mud-stone palaces, circular tombs date back years, and the architecture reflects classic desert colours.

Qasr Al Muwaij “A root is a flower that doesn’t like fame,” said once Khalil Gibran, a saying that seems particularly true of Al second largest city of Abu Dhabi emirate is one of United Arab Emirates’ most precious heritage gems.

The dry desert air makes it a welcome retreat from the coastal humidity of the larger cities. Many Emirati nationals in Abu Dhabi have holiday houses in the city making it a popular weekend destination for families from the capital city. Jebel Hafeet, a metre-high mountain, dominates the surrounding area. It is popular to visit to the mineral springs at the base and to drive to the mountaintop at sunset.

Other attractions include the Al Ain Oasis in the city centre, other oases dotted around the area — all cool retreats in the middle of the summer heat — Al Ain Zoo, an amusement park named “Hili Fun City”, many well-maintained parks popular with families in the summer evenings, and a heritage village. Opened in , Wadi Adventure is located near Jebel Hafeet and provides a range of water-based activities including surfing, kayaking and rafting.

Hili Archaeological Park

The prosperity, harmony and modern development that characterizes the United Arab Emirates, led today by President H. Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan, also the Ruler of the Emirate of Abu Dhabi, and his fellow-members of the Supreme Council of Rulers of the seven emirates, is due to a very great extent to the role played by the late Sheikh Zayed, both prior to the formation of the Federation and in the nearly 33 years that followed until his death in November It remains close to the heart of the royal family and the people of UAE.

Al-Ain Oasis (Arabic: وَاحَـة الْـعَـيْـن ‎, translit. Wāḥaṫ al-‘Ayn, “Oasis of the Spring”) is the largest oasis in the city of Al Ain, within the Emirate of Abu Dhabi, the United Arab Emirates.

A tranquil respite from the hot sun, and a refreshingly natural diversion from the city streets, Al Ain Oasis is a vast series of date palm plantations linked by footpaths, where you can take a quiet, shaded walk. There’s history here amid the nearly , date palm trees, too. The palm groves are still fed by water channels using the traditional falaj irrigation system, which has been in use in the United Arab Emirates for 3, years. This is a great option for anyone seeking some downtime and a leisurely stroll.

Although many casual visitors will struggle to comprehend the site, archaeology-fiends will enjoy the vast sense of history here. The park lies amid a protected area and is surrounded by a palm tree oasis. Most of the finds from the site are on display at Al Ain National Museum, which does a great job of putting the site into context. Nicknamed “garden city,” Al Ain lives up to its reputation. Throughout the area, you’ll find lush greenery, which contrasts vibrantly with the dry and parched desert surroundings.

Many public gardens and parks offer welcome shade on long, hot summer days. Several are endowed with weird and slightly over-the-top landscaping elements, impressive fountains with lighting displays at night, and playground facilities for children. The Central Public Garden in the center of town is one of the best for a stroll.

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It is located in Abu Dhabi, directly adjacent to the border with Oman. The freeways connecting Al Ain, Abu Dhabi and Dubai form a geographic triangle in the center of the country, each city roughly kilometers from the other two. Al Ain has been continuously inhabited for more than four thousand years and Al Ain is considered central to the cultural heritage of the country. Today, the name Buraimi refers to the Omani town whose urban area merges with that of Al Ain.

Until September 14, , Al Ain and Buraimi enjoyed an open border and functioned as one. On September 14, the UAE government closed the open border and required all individuals to clear immigrations both entering and leaving the UAE. Persian Gulf nationals cross the border at the main crossing whereas, expats are required to cross at either the Hili or “Intercontinental” border crossings. There are numerous underground water springs in the area, which explain its attractiveness as an area of settlement.

Traces of its traditional past remain, including camel racing and breeding. The ancient falaj system of irrigation is still in use in some areas distributing underground water by a network of tunnels emerging eventually into open channels whose flow can be directed and regulated. The topography of Al Ain unique and varies as you travel to the east. Jebel Hafeet Hafeet mountain is considered one of the monuments of Al Ain and lie just to the southeast and rises up to 1, meters in elevation.

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Since then, little work has been dedicated to this system, apart from some detailed mineralogical studies. The karsts are deepening along faults in Turonian—Coniacian limestone the Douleb Fm , under a Tortonian sandy cover the Beglia sand that is withdrawn within the karst infilling. This makes a Tortonian or post-Tortonian age for the karstification likely, as for other comparable karsts located to the northwest of the study area, in the Algerian Constantinois.

Undersaturated meteoric fluids flowing downward meet pre-existing or recently formed base metals sulphides, in the subsurface. The oxidation of base metals sulphides results in the release of sulphuric acid, which also accounts for an increased karstification. Late processes occurring in the Beglia sand appear to be complex, though somewhat anecdotic in terms of volumes. They essentially consist in recurring cycles of reduction among which biochemical reduction of galena and oxidation including the formation of jarosite.

The study area offers the opportunity to investigate 1 a karstic system where deepening caves meet pre-existing base metal sulphides, and 2 the consequences this specific setting has, in terms of minerals found within the karst:

Al Ain City

The cool, shady walkways transport you from the heat and noise of the city to a tranquil haven; all you’ll hear is birdsong and the rustle of the palm fronds. Employing a 3, year-old falaj irrigation system, Al-Ain Oasis features a series of mesmerizing water channels that give life to the palm plantations in this inner-city paradise. Spread over 1, hectares nearly 3, acres and containing more than , date palms of up to different varieties, choose one of eight separate entrances to explore how countless generations have tapped into underground wells to keep the beautiful city green.

Al-Ain Oasis, UAE The date palm oasis is one of a growing number of ecosystems that have been formally recognized by the United Nation’s Food and Agriculture Organization FAO for their importance as repositories of genetic resources, biodiversity and cultural heritage. Divided into three main sections – archaeology, ethnography and gifts – its presentations illustrate various aspects of UAE life and include an interesting collections of Bedouin jewelry, musical instruments, weapons, and a reconstruction of a traditional majlis setting place.

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Also, the strict height controls on new buildings, to no more than four floors, emphasize the greenery of the city and the hospitality of its housings. Al- Ain, whose name translates to ‘the spring’ has a higher proportion of Emirati citizens than other places in the country, but the majority of its residents are expatriates. Al- Ain is rapidly developing as a tourist destination as the dry desert air makes it a welcoming retreat from the coastal humidity of the larger cities, the thing that makes many tourists choose studio apartments for rent in Al-Ain.

Many Emirati nationals in Abu Dhabi have holiday houses in the area making it a popular weekend destination for families from the capital city. In additions, Emiratis from other emirates choose studio apartments for rent in Al-Ain to spend their weekends. Al- Ain also has an International standard go-kart circuit. Its Raceway was selected to host the Rotax Max World Karting Finals for , an event which saw drivers from over 55 different countries. This makes the area an adventure to rent or live in any type of accommodation.

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